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Who is SME

SME is a Subject Matter Expert. We create assessments/questionnaires for various organizations around the globe. As an SME you will be working on creating original questions from the pool of knowledge you have gained and from the experience. You will be working on the freelancing model having flexible hours.
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Hiring Procedure

We follow 2 simple steps to hire you.
Step 1: We’ll organize a quick 5 mins call to explain you the requirement of the questions and send you samples to refer from.
Step 2 : Keeping the requirement in mind, you will e-mail us 3 sample questions(non plagiarized). We will quickly review the samples and take you on board!

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Perks and Renumeration

You can work at whichever time in the day. The amount of work is proportional to the number of questions you take up to create for the project. You will be paid for each question. You can also work on other projects simultaneously. You will be on our database and be contacted every time when the requirement strikes.

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