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About us

TechCurators, a sister company of TransCurators, has expanded its services to tackle the rising threat of cybercrime. Our team takes pride in being not just any managed service provider but rather THE managed service provider whose solutions are guided by industry best practices. Our recommendations and designs are tailored to enhance reliability, maximize performance, and minimize costly unforeseen downtime. 


We offer various services and support that cater to your business’s technological requirements, such as security, monitoring, and strategic planning for on-premises and cloud-based environments. Our advanced cybersecurity tools, which include EDR services for swift threat response, SIEM solutions for valuable security data, and potent email security, are designed to defend your digital environment and provide uncompromising resistance to cyberattacks. 


With numerous managed service providers in the market, you may wonder what sets TechCurators apart. We answer that we are a proven approach that prioritizes strategic planning and considers your business’s growth. We aim to show how a partnership with TechCurators can help your business fly to new heights. Contact us today to begin the journey.

Services Offered


Our EDR solution empowers your organization to detect and respond to advanced threats in real-time. With continuous monitoring and advanced analytics.


Our SIEM solution aggregates and analyzes data from various sources, enabling you to identify and respond to security incidents swiftly. Real-time monitoring, threat intelligence integration, and customizable dashboards ensure that you stay ahead of potential threats.

E-mail Security

Our email security service offers advanced threat protection, content filtering, and encryption to safeguard your communication channels. 

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