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Mental Health “The rising concern”

Mental Health these days is taken as a joke, people just assume if someone is doing good physically, he/she might be doing good mentally also. This is such a big misconception that has been passed down from generation to generation. If someone is physically active there are zero chances, that he/she might be mentally exhausted. Mental health, if not taken seriously can ruin your entire life. Even money can’t help you out of the vicious cycle of poor mental health once it starts. Mental Health needs to be taken care of at all costs, before everything and everyone comes “YOU”, so it’s you who has to work on it and help yourself out because no one else knows you better than yourself.

Why is Mental Health discarded so much?

The first and foremost reason for mental health to be ignored is SOCIAL STIGMA. If you are suffering from mental illness, the people around you automatically think that the problem lies with you which makes it even more difficult for you to process your health and it deteriorates even further hence leading to depression in most cases and even life-ending situations in a few.

If you are doing well in life, earning a hefty amount of money it is assumed that you are doing awesome and are happy in every possible way. Money doesn’t define your state of mind, it might be useful in many situations but you can still not be happy with it. As the saying goes “The life isn’t a bed of roses even for the rich and privileged as much as it is difficult for the unprivileged ones. Because of all these assumptions, people aren’t able to step forward to talk about their mental illness because you don’t want to ruin your perfect image and mental health gets ignored yet again.

The worst part, people often mix the other diseases with mental illnesses which is VERY WRONG, the other diseases also are not to be overlooked but mental illness directly affects your brain which helps you with coping mechanisms. If you have a mental illness or are going through depression it’s just considered that you are just a cry baby with all basic needs satisfied and this is problematic on so many levels, your basic needs fulfilled doesn’t mean that your mental health must stay good.

Mental Aids receive very less donations because of years of ignorance or overlooked hence people who even muster up the courage to seek help aren’t able to since there aren’t enough resources only, due to less money. The socio-economic repercussions of untreated mental illnesses are devastating, hence the major populations suffer from mental illness.

How to feel good about your mental health again?

There are several places to start from, but the first thing you should take care of is your body’s Circadian Rhythms. Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour internal clock in our brain that regulates cycles of alertness and sleepiness by responding to light changes in our environment. If your circadian rhythm is in good shape then it’s a good start for betterment. Having a good routine, sleeping on time, 3 meals a day, and meditating 10-15 mins every day can help you keep your circadian in check.

People say that manage stress, avoid taking stress but that isn’t how it works. Stress is unavoidable, but knowing the root cause of stress, the place of origin can help you cope up with your stress. Knowing the source will lead you to work toward the betterment of it, so the next time the problem arises you are ready for it. Writing down your worries and stress issues can help you a lot, A LOT. When you have written it somewhere you feel at peace because it feels like you have shared the cause with someone.

There definitely has to be something on this planet that you enjoy, love doing. Then what are you waiting for? Go do it, practice it and let it nurture. When you do something of your choice without restrictions you feel happy and your mind is at ease. Set aside time to enjoy yourself. If we don’t spend any time doing things we enjoy, we can become irritable and restless.

Choose people who support you at all times, not for the wrong reasons of course. Good and Optimistic people around you make you feel safe and loved all the time. Choose your friends carefully. Interact with people socially as much as possible, stay socially active, your social presence helps you keep your mind busy and gives you a better judgment. Always be kind, helping others isn’t just good for the people you’re helping; it’s good for you too. Helping someone can help with your self-esteem and make you feel good about your place in the world. Feeling as though you are part of a community is a really important part of your mental health.


One of the most important ways to keep yourself mentally healthy is to ask for help. Know and embrace the fact that you are a human and you have the right to be mentally exhausted and to feel down, that’s what emotions are. Learn to express them as often as possible so that it all doesn’t pile up inside you and take a toll on your mental health. Asking for help doesn’t make you small, NEVER, if it helps you, then do it. You shouldn’t do anything that affects you in any way possible. Everyone goes through patches where they don’t feel as good as they should.  Maintaining a positive outlook on life is really important. Get plenty of sleep, sleep at least 8-10 hours every day. Sleep helps to regulate the chemicals in our brain that transmit information. STAY STRONG, STAY HAPPY, STAY LIVELY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY STAY “YOU”.

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