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Why is Domino's Case Study Helpful for Rebranding any Business? Let’s Find out.

If you’re trying to redesign your business, Domino’s Pizza is a terrific place to begin. Domino’s Pizza invested lots of millions in 2012 to execute a “sincere” marketing campaign in which customers were urged to sample Domino’s Pizza as well as provide candid feedback. Their response, as you may remember, was not pleasant. So, exactly how did this strategy pan out? How then you boost profitability by highlighting the bad aspects of your company? Only a simple thing contributed to their achievement: TRUST. The chance to appropriately rename Domino’s Pizza had been in existence after the company restored customer loyalty. Here’s a quick rundown of their change initiative, as well as how you may use it in one’s own company.

Figure out just what your customers care about.

Buyers examine up to ten internet opinions before deciding whether or not to believe a brand as well as buy their stuff. Customer ratings and glowing reviews must be determined for your company to establish trust. Your customer service unit is a great way to grow excellent feedback. A superb method to build a strong reputation for any business is to make sure that your customers were satisfied and have a simple option to leave an internet review. If you still have dissatisfied consumers, consider it a main priority to resolve their issues and assuage their fears. If you make them your primary focus, you may quickly turn a disgruntled consumer into your most ardent supporter. The above paragraph shows how trust and customer satisfaction are significant factors in a company’s growth. We can relate this to how we have different clients from India and abroad who are very happy with our services and the quality of questions we provide. Whenever we get a project from a new client, we give that project a lot of importance to build ‘trust’. Similarly, we keep getting projects from our old clients because of the ‘trust’ factor.

The Elephant in the Room Must Be Addressed Spend some time conducting a market survey.

By raising the essential topics, you may learn what individuals legitimately believe regarding your company. Domino’s realised they had an issue with “bad” pizza and went over and beyond to repair it. They took a grip of the narrative with a broadcast advertising campaign, then radically turned it around by publicly addressing criticism, taking responsibility, as well as implementing essential changes. Taking things a step beyond, in July 2010, Domino’s launched a platform where consumers could post images of their eating experience with the assurance that no touch-ups, as well as deletions, would be made. What’s the result? Over 40,000 photos were sent, which is an incredible accomplishment. Domino’s exceeded all the norms of branding by using subpar-looking meals in their television advertisements. Within six to seven months of that year, Domino’s had a 12 % increase in revenue.

Product Launch Development Which Is Reprimanded

Domino’s has pledged to a fresh, diversified menu in addition to repairing the cuisine. Domino’s kept changing their offering for a year. In 2010, almost 85% of Domino’s food list was new and innovative from what it was in 2008. To boost lunchtime orders, the brand offered hamburgers as well as spaghetti. A more diverse menu may also attract categories when some members may not prefer pizza. So we can see that how Dominos have tried to think of some alternative options for those who do not like pizza much.

Let customers have their voices heard.

To target young customers, Domino’s used social media. Furthermore, an online pizza-tracking program was developed to permit consumers to monitor their orders, adding another personalisation aspect. Domino’s even used a 125-foot digital banner in New York Times Square to display consumer input – the beautiful, the terrible, as well as the unattractive – in an attempt to convey that they appreciate comments and therefore aren’t afraid of confrontation. Even though Domino’s aggressive restructuring method may not suit every industry, this fundamental summary is a beautiful place to begin if you want to improve your company’s reputation or merely generate publicity to boost sales.

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