Work from Home

Working From Home is "THE NEW NORMAL".

“Wake up, Dress up and Zoom meeting” with this new moto of the 21st century, people have finally adjusted to working from home. Although it was difficult to adjust to it in the early stages, now it’s a part of everyone’s life, “The New Normal”.

People these days prefer to work from home rather than going all the way to their office places and staying under strict norms 24*7. Working from home gives you the flexibility that you are missing in your workplace. You can choose when to start and when to stop. Though you have to keep up with the deadline, it’s easier to work in accordance with your comfort.

Work form home "Blessing in Disguise"

Who wouldn’t want to escape direct meetings with their boss whenever possible? People now prefer working at home at peace without any direct restrictions from higher officials. When you are physically present at your workplace, you are under strict supervision, and because of that, you are unable to freely present your opinions or views. But when you work from home, you get a free chance to present yourself without obligations, and you get more time to explain your point of view clearly.

Since the imposition of the lockdown, people have been working from home and are now very well used to it. Even now, when the situation is under control, many large enterprises have continued to make their employees work from home, while some companies think it’s still better to follow the old ways.

Is working from home really a blessing?

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as it seems. With many advantages come some disadvantages as well. With work from home, many companies have initiated downsizing, which has resulted in many people losing their jobs, like field workers, extra staff, etc. Many industries, like automobile industries and mechanical industries, faced huge losses because most of their work is done physically, and in the absence of labour, they suffered a lot. People who sat at home became sluggish, their motivation to work decreased, and their enthusiasm for being in a workplace environment waned over time. People had no interaction with each other, and hence the communication gap widened significantly. Everyone went so far into their comfort zones that their entire routines got disturbed.

Final Remarks

Even after having balanced the pros and cons of working from home, a recent survey revealed that people are willing to continue to work from home. Everyone has different reasons for continuing to work from home, like companies saving their office costs, people not wanting to meet other people, and people wanting to work in their comfort zones. Work from home proved more effective. The efficiency increased and the company gave better yields even amidst the global pandemic.

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